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David Schmidt – Woodlawn Law Center

David Schmidt – Woodlawn Law Center

HIGHLIGHT: David Schmidt, Attorney and Counselor, has over 25 years in the practice of law. He is a general Civil and Trial Attorney with a strong practice as a Real Estate Attorney, offering a free 30 minute consultation on any Real Estate matter.

CONTACT INFO: Web address is Phone: 636.240.6667

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Meet DAVID SCHMIDT, Attorney and Counselor
Over 25 years in the practice of law. A General Civil and Trial Practice. Areas of Practice include:
• Personal Injury • Social Security Law • Severe Injury & Wrongful Death • Traffic Tickets
• Real Estate • Social Security Disability • Worker’s Compensation • DWI/DWS
• Corporations • SSI Disability • Auto/Truck Accidents • Municipal Violations
• Business Law • Disability Hearings & Appeals • Personal Injury • Misdemeanors
• Real Property Litigation • Insurance Disability Claims • Premises Liability/Slip & Fall • Juvenile Law
• Small Business Law • Long Term Disability Claims
• Estate Planning • Wills and Trusts • Power of Attorneys • Elder Law

Why Hire a Real Estate Lawyer. The Woodlawn Law Offices can provide you information about legal issues surrounding real estate, from simple lease agreements to equity loans and foreclosures. All of these issues can be very complicated. Educating yourself about your options and legal rights as early as possible can help you avoid some problems before they arise, and minimize the consequences of these issues. David Schmidt can handle your deed transfers, review your financing documents and prepare transfer deeds including general warranty deeds, quit claim deeds, personal representative’s deeds, deeds of trust, beneficiary deeds and trustee’s deeds. In addition to becoming informed on your own, seeking advice from David Schmidt can help you save money and frustration in the long run.

How a Lawyer Can Help You When Buying or Selling a Home. It isn’t always necessary to hire the Woodlawn Law Offices when selling or buying a home, but it can be really important at times. Real estate transactions involve numerous legal matters, including contracts and a multitude of regulations. Since one’s home is typically the biggest purchase an individual will ever make, it’s very important to get legal help when necessary. Sometimes, for example, real estate agents will use stock forms downloaded from the Internet that may not address certain legal matters. The consequences of not fully understanding certain contractual language (or failing to address certain aspects of the transaction) can lead to potentially expensive surprises. The main document in a real estate transaction is the purchase agreement, which contains all of the terms and costs associated with the sale. Even if you don’t work with a lawyer in the early stages, you may want to have an attorney review the purchase agreement.

What Happens When You Have a Real Estate Dispute or Are Involved in Litigation. David Schmidt has handled many court cases involving real estate. He is well versed on real estate law in Missouri and is willing to discuss your potential case and/or pending litigation. He can handle foreclosure proceedings for individuals and loan companies, and partition lawsuits. Call David Schmidt to discuss pricing and the steps involved in litigating a real estate dispute.

Owning Real Estate as Husband and Wife, or Joint Ownership Outside of a Marital Relationship. Today more people are living together without being married. In many instances both parties contribute to the household expenses. Our office can help prepare a plan for those joint property owners or tenants-in-common. David Schmidt can also advise those couples who may own real estate as part of a business and want to protect their ownership interest for their children or heirs, or who are bringing real estate into a new marriage and need advice on how to handle ownership of the real estate with their new spouse.

How the Woodlawn Law Offices can Help You When Renting Property. As with purchasing or selling a home, renting a property also centers around the terms of a written contract. While landlords are prohibited by law to discriminate against prospective tenants and certain lease terms are illegal, it is generally up to the tenant to review and understand the agreement. Our office can provide valuable feedback about the terms of a lease. David Schmidt can help if you have an irreconcilable dispute with your landlord. This may include a disagreement over how much deposit is owed at the end of the lease; the meaning of certain contractual terms; or even an eviction. For twenty-five years, David Schmidt has handled landlord-tenant disputes. He can review your lease agreement, assess the conflict, and suggest the proper course of action.

Working with Our Office: Legal Fees and Agreements. Most initial consultations with the Woodlawn Law Offices are free. But eventually you will have to sign off on a fee arrangement. Our office may charge a fixed hourly fee, a contingency fee (based on collected damages and may require that the client be responsible for costs or expenses), or even a flat fee. Different fee structures make sense for different situations. For instance, you may just want to pay the hourly fee if all you need is an hour or two of the lawyer’s time. If it’s a relatively simple and predicable process, you may consider entering into a flat fee arrangement. Call and ask David Schmidt which fee arrangement works best for your situation.

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