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Scott Welch – Welch Law

Scott Welch – Welch Law

HIGHLIGHT: “We didn’t invent the law… We just reinvented how its practiced.” Welch Law is dedicated to helping small business owners and families protect their futures through business/corporate legal services, subscription legal plans, and estate planning packages. Most of Welch Law’s services are provided on a flat fee basis so our clients’ know the cost of their legal work before we begin it. Our team is committed to working with our clients to achieve their legal goals while we work to become a valued member of their team. Give Welch Law a call today for all of your small business and estate planning needs, or check us out on the web at .
Welch Law LLC is located at 1001 Boardwalk Springs Place, Ste. 111, O’Fallon, MO 63368

Meet Scott Welch, Owner/Attorney at Welch Law LLC

Scott lives in O’Fallon, Missouri with his wife (and office manager) Kelly, and their four children. Scott and Kelly moved to O’Fallon in 2014 after serving 13 years in the U.S. Air Force. Scott continues his service in the Missouri Air National Guard, on a part time basis. Scott opened Welch Law in 2016 with the vision of providing legal services in a manner that would break the mold on the traditional lawyer/client relationship. Scott envisioned a law firm that put its customers’ goals first, where the lawyers and staff were approachable and friendly, and where customers would know their costs up front. Welch Law is that vision and Scott takes great pride in renewing and refocusing that vision every day.

Welch Law represents clients in two distinct practice areas: Estate Planning and Business Law (or Corporate Law). Below is a brief description of each and how we help our clients achieve their goals.

Estate Planning: Our goal when working with an estate planning client is to understand their wishes, educate them on the various tools they can use, and then provide the legal tools that help them accomplish their goals. Our process is typically broken down into three steps: (1) introductory meeting, (2) document preparation, and (3) signing of the documents and follow-up care.

Welch Law offers two estate planning packages for majority of our customers: (1) Will Package, or (2) Trust Package. Both of these packages are provided on a fixed flat fee so that our customers know the cost upfront. You can learn more about these plans and what is included in each here,

Business Law: Welch Law helps business owners protect their most valuable asset, their business. We are not a litigation law firm, rather, we spend our time becoming a part of our business owner’s team, helping them plan for future contingencies, and minimizing their risks from the startup to the winding down of their business. Welch Law is proactive and forward leaning when it comes to risk management and the livelihood of our customers.

Welch Law helps business owners achieve peace of mind by crafting their company documents, such as: contracts, liability waivers, formation documents, employee handbooks, independent contractor agreements, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, asset purchase agreements, and much more. Welch Law offers startup packages to help new business owners get their company up and running in an efficient and legally sound way. You can learn more at

In addition to helping business owners with their legal documents, Welch Law offers several low-cost subscription legal plans that help business owners offset the cost of legal services. These plans were designed to allow customers to add a lawyer to their advisory team and avoid costly mistakes because of their reluctance to pick up the phone. Learn more about these plans here:

Welch Law, we didn’t invent the law…we just reinvented how its practiced.

CONTACT INFO: Web address is Phone: (636) 352-1222
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